Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doubts, Confirmation

Last night I was channel surfing and I came across a religious show. What the preacher was doing didn't interest me. I was watching the congregation.
There were people of many ages in what looked like sincere worship. There were men and their wives (I assume) praying together. There were older people praying...perhaps faith had sustained them through life?
At least some of these people had to be sincere. I know I was when I was a christian. Looking at them, I thought that I might be wrong to have become an atheist. When I think of how many believers (in a god) there are worldwide...could I be seriously wrong?
Then that unfeeling analytical part of my brain kicked in.
First, many people may sincerely believe something to be true. That doesn't make it true.
Second, who are they worshiping? I have studied the Biblical god and I don't understand him-the mix of fury and love and punishment and forgiveness. I don't like dysfunctional relationships.
Third, I have my own spiritual journey-I have read and researched, soul-searched to get where I am today. That has value.
Finally, there are things that the religious and non-religious may never comprehend about this universe...let alone what might be beyond it.

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