Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ok, here are some day-to-day problems:

1. What do I say when someone sneezes? I can't say "Bless you" anymore, can I?

2. "Godammit" is a very handy curse that I use a lot. In light of recent events, it doesn't really apply anymore. Should I say "Science dammit?"
Unfortunately, my parrot also says "Godammit." I swear (to whom??), he only heard me once and now it's one of his favorite words. Should I try to retrain him? Or it may be that I should respect his beliefs. I'm not sure where he stands on the god issue.

3. "Hell" has also been very useful, especially "All hell broke loose." Because all hell breaks loose quite frequently in my life. I also enjoy "Hell to pay."

*sigh* My life is so difficult.

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