Friday, March 19, 2010

Reading A Book

I have set the study of Tao aside for awhile to return to the study of what I know best: Christianity. I purchased a book by Spong called Jesus For the Non-Religious. The idea in the book is that the miracles of Jesus do not line up with history or with common sense. He claims that after tearing down these false notions, he will show a new way to look at Jesus as an inspiration without the mythology attached.
I want to find out what this new way is but it's been hard reading. The book is alternately condescending and bombastic and it sometimes has the feeling of a conspiracy theory. It's hard to slog through but I am going to stick with it for awhile.
I do still admire Jesus as a person and would like to continue learning from his example. Christianity, in spite of its flaws, helped me develop into a more mature and less self-centered person. Nothing is purely good and nothing is purely evil. There is balance to be found. I want to have balance in my viewpoints as well.

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