Thursday, April 29, 2010

Groundlessness and Wu Wei

In my study of Buddhism, I learned of a concept called groundlessness. This means that there is no solid ground to stand on and we must become comfortable with that fact. The reason we must become comfortable with it is to reduce suffering in our lives.
I do know that suffering in my life comes from insisting that things are not as they should be.
In many ways, I am a bitter, angry person. I feel that life has dealt with me harshly even though I know that some have it far worse. I have turned away from the Christian concept of "God" because of these feelings. I can't reconcile the concept of a loving heavenly father with what has happened to me and the far far worse things that happen to other people in the world.
By becoming an atheist, I defused that anger towards this god who masquerades as something he is not and as a result, I have more peace in my heart than I did as a Christian.
I do not stand on the solid rock of Christ because that is a false concept. I stand with the fact that this world is uncertain or groundless.
Wu wei, as described in taoism, is going with nature as a stream might flow over and around rocks and stones. When I go against the nature of things, I am not in harmony and I don't feel at peace. More about this later.

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