Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Wu Wei

I was trying to read Spong's book but my focus changed which it does a lot so I tossed it aside and I am now slowly reading through a great book: The Tao of Pooh.
The Pooh book explains Taoism in a very friendly funny way and is an enjoyable book to read. Let's face it: a lot of books on spiritual matters are very concerned with their own importance and weightiness.
Ok, onward to wu wei and its practical applications in my life. Wu wei can be simply termed as "go with the flow." You have heard of taking positive action? I see wu wei as positive inaction. When I struggle against the way things are unfolding, I create imbalance or a lack of harmony in my life and I become unhappy. I am taking action in a way that goes against the nature of things.
For example, I am living in someone elses home. I'm crashing in their living room, as a matter of fact...flopping here until I can get my own place.
So, someone elses home...things are done their way. Their way is not bad, just different from my way and I like to do things my way! So I find myself going against the nature of things by trying to get things done my way. This creates unhappiness for me because it just doesn't work out. There is conflict.
Applying the principle of wu wei, I cease the struggle, the uphill battle of forcing change. I just go with the flow...doing things or leaving things undone according to the "style" of the household. And guess what? Things happen as they should and I feel more peaceful because I have ceased the exhausting effort of trying to force things into a shape that is pleasing to me.
This seems to dovetail with the Buddhist concept of becoming ego-less. Branching into another thought system, that of the 12 Step Program, we could call this acceptance which brings to mind the serenity prayer. I don't pray but the serenity prayer is a good thing to contemplate, nevertheless.
If anyone is actually reading this blog and feeling a lack of peace, I encourage you to examine your expectations in life and embrace the concept of wu wei.

*update: I have edited my links to more generalized sites that I enjoy. Life is about balance.

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