Monday, April 23, 2012

Hell. Again.

I have had a serious problem with the concept of hell.  I did gain a new insight last night, however.  I was chatting online with someone who is a new-age type of person.  He was berating the church for the concept of hell.  I was telling him that I have had this viewpoint too.  Then I had a thought that gave me pause. 
"What to do with someone like..oh..Hitler?"  Would Hitler be a good candidate for hell?  Hell is a place of punishment for those who need justice served to them.  So...should there be a hell to hold people like Hitler?  Should there be justice for those he committed heinous crimes against?
I asked my online acquaintance this question.  He did not seem to have an answer.  I don't know completely what I think about this either.  But there is definitely one viable candidate for a place like hell that I know of.  There is at least one human being in need of divine judgement. 

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