Monday, May 7, 2012

God's will and human will

To branch out from the gathering of knowledge, I would go to the next step which is deciding on an action (and taking that action).
As a Christian, I am to seek God's will, to wait patiently on Him.
My destiny is in God's hands.  Destiny can be steered by two drivers in my perceptions.  One way is to think that God always wants good for me.  Even trials (not necessarily imposed by God due to a fallen world and an evil enemy but allowed by Him through His permissive will), the most heart-rending trials, are to work to my benefit.  It may not even benefit me in this world, but rather in the next.  This would be the eternal viewpoint, the viewpoint beyond this mortal realm.  Christianity is not the only path or religion that teaches future eternal reward.  The point here is that it is best to allow a divine Being to steer my life's path.  Or maybe that being doesn't need my permission. haha
Second driver:  Human or self-based decisions.  Human will.  Let's take that a step further.
What of decisions for the future based on seeking knowledge through the Occult?
(Side-note:  A sin.  A primarily feminine sin.   I mention the feminine nature of this sin due to accusations of a patriarchal viewpoint in the Bible.  Just an interesting thought.  See link in previous post for an example of this)
This sin may not even be based in spiritual things, evil and demons and such.  As I mentioned, previously, occult knowledge may be (very mundane, this) from good old intuition.
Knowledge and decision.  Whom shall we please?
These are the core issues of humanity.  They are opposites, human knowledge and decision vs divine knowledge and decision.  Is the world spiritual or material.  Do these things have to be at odds? It would seem so biblically just based on the idea of the struggle between the Spirit and the Flesh.

Sometimes I wonder if the gods made us or if we made the gods.  I don't deny a higher power or a pattern or meaning to existence that my small mind cannot comprehend.  I do sometimes wonder at the subconscious roots of religious beliefs.
Merriam-Webster defines religion (definition 3.) as "a cause, a principle or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.

These kinds of thoughts come from my dual or bipolar nature.  They elate me, they depress me.
more thoughts:  human-knowledge/intution based decisions-can they be blessed by God or are they "outside"?

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