Monday, May 7, 2012

Knowledge and the Occult

So, rebellion is a sin unto witchcraft (scripture).  And the big beef in the garden of Eden is that Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge.  The temptation was to be as gods.  Knowledge, it would seem, is God's domain and should only flow from Him.
So, we then look to card reading or cartomancy, the Tarot, a practice that seems to be favored mostly by women.  Are these women committing a sin? Are they truly consulting an arcane, possibly malevolent spiritual source for knowledge?  Or are they tapping into that which comes naturally to many women:  their intuition.
I think that intuition is a deep and complex psychological ability based on subconscious attention to detail and conclusions drawn based on that.
Sometimes the Bible seems to mete out singular accusations and punishment towards women.  Painful childbirth, for example.  In the Old Testament, if a woman touched something during her menses, that thing would then be "unclean."  Look it up.  Are some aspects of a woman's nature, her very body,  at odds with the Bible?
Here is an article that I see as a typical viewpoint towards "witchcraft" and women in general:
Women want to know.  We want to know, to understand, to prepare...for the sake of our loved ones, usually.  We want knowledge...and to some extent, the Occult, the hidden (the hidden knowledge to take a step further) can be at least glimpsed through our intuitive nature.
Is it rebellious to seek wisdom that is not overtly divinely revealed?
Where should knowledge come from?
So is all knowledge God's knowledge?
As usual, I have more questions than answers.
My purpose here is not to sow doubt or condemn.  My purpose is to question.  I hope to find satisfactory answers.  Or maybe I am supposed to just accept the answers and be obedient, whether they are satisfactory or not.  I think my main problem is with the religion of man rather than the spiritual gifts flowing from God.
My criticisms are not exclusively directed at Christianity.  I encounter, bigotry, narrow-mindedness and condemnation among so-called tolerant people who profess to be spiritual through paganism or whatever.  Al I have to do is mention that I am a Christian or that I go to church.  They don't bother to find out about me as a person.  They just...assume... we are all guilty, aren't we?

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