Friday, June 25, 2010

A Conversation and Some Trembling

I had a looooooong conversation with a Christian who is close to me about all of this and I have come to a couple of conclusions:
-I would tremble to deny that there is a higher power in this Universe. At a gut-level, it would feel like playing with fire...not so much in fear of divine retribution but that some sort of "just desserts" might be served to preserve cosmic balance and declare me a fool.
-Who am I to say that there is no higher power?

I have moved another notch in the rebuilding of my spiritual beliefs from atheist to agnostic.

I have been studying eastern religion for a few months now but I find my interest swaying back to Jesus Christ. Who was (is?) this man?
And what of the trinity, particularly the Holy Spirit? It hit me like lightning the other day-the idea that the Universe, chi, the collective, whatever that divine massive thing is may be also called the Holy Spirit.
Is this Spirit the creative force and the producer of the basis for our ideas of prophets and gods? Is this the divine spark that resides within all beings?
Is truth all-inclusive? Can the truth of one religion be the truth of another? Or are they set against each other?

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